Visa Information

At Aventia we can guide you through the VISA application process and will provide you with the details of reputable Australian visa and migration agents.

Visa Information

All international students must possess a current student visa while they are studying in Australia. This information does not apply to prospective students who are Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

How do I apply?

Prospective international students intending to study in Australia must obtain a student visa from an Australian High Commission, Embassy or Consulate in their home country before travelling. Some students can also apply online. To find out if you are eligible, visit Visa Options.

All international students must comply with current visa conditions and regulations determined by Department of Home Affairs.

What are the visa requirements?

There are requirements that must be met before a student visa is issued, and these vary from country to country. The main requirements for a visa application may include:

Note: Students from Assessment Level 3 and 4 countries may need to undertake a pre-visa assessment from an Australian High Commission, Embassy or Consulate before making any payments to Aventia.

What are the visa conditions?

To maintain your visa, you must:

For more information about visa conditions and regulations, visit Check visa details and conditions.

Do I need health cover?

As a condition of your student visa, you must maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) while in Australia. You must obtain this cover for the proposed duration of your visa. If you have an accident or health problem within Australia, you will be able to redeem some or all of your medical costs.

Aventia can organise OSHC on your behalf. Further details will be provided in your Letter of Offer.

How long is my visa valid?

Your student visa will be issued for the duration of your Aventia course, as stated in the CoE that you will receive from Aventia. With your Letter of Offer, you will receive an Acceptance of Offer form.

How do I renew my visa?

It is your responsibility to renew or extend your visa as required, before it expires. You must present specific documents when applying for a student visa extension or renewal. A checklist and the required forms are available at

Can I work in Australia while on a student visa?

If you are an international student currently enrolled and attending classes, you may work up to 40 hours per fortnight while your course is in session, and full-time hours during scheduled course breaks. However, you should not rely on part-time work to support your study, as the amount you earn will be unlikely to cover all your living costs. Please be aware that your primary purpose in Australia while on a student visa is to study, and that any work you undertake must not interfere with your studies.

What if I have dependants?

If you are a prospective international student and you have any school-aged dependants coming to Australia with you, you must pay full fees for each dependant who is to be enrolled in a government or non-government school.

The requirements for enrolling students and school fees vary across Australian states and territories, and across schools. For a summary of the fee arrangements for public schools in each of Australia’s states and territories, along with links to the relevant websites for more detailed information, click on bringing your children?

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