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As the Aventia Team, we are here to assist and support you through each step of your academic journey - be it a roundabout or a crossroad, we have a solution for all situations!

Orientation Program

Our Institute is dedicated to ensuring that each student receives support during their transition to life as an International Student at Aventia Institute. For this reason, the Orientation Program is a compulsory requirement for all students to attend prior to commencement of their course.

The Orientation Program is conducted at the beginning of each course intake. In the instance that a student experiences late enrolment, the Training Manager/Trainer and Assessor conducts the orientation with the student individually.

Aventia Institute ensures that the Orientation Program is culturally respectful, as this has been established to maintain a welcoming environment to all students and their respective families. 

The Orientation Program will address information provided through use of a Microsoft Power-Point presentation regarding:

  • Details of internal and external support services available to assist in the transition into Life in Australia and International Study. Such support is consisted of Welfare Services, Accommodation Services, Academic and Career Advice, I.T support, Student Learning Assistance, English Language Support, and Social Inclusion Activities.
  • Legal, Emergency, Health Service Facilities, Resources, Organisational Policies, Procedures involving Course Progress, Attendance Monitoring, Deferral, Suspension, Cancellation, Course Transfer, Complaints & Appeals, and Student Visa Conditions pertaining to Course Progress.

Student Learning Support

Each student is provided with a plethora of learning support options and resources for assistance in meeting course & attendance requirements. Such support provided by Aventia Institute entails:

  • Individual mentoring from appropriately qualified trainers including their phone and email contact details.
  • Tutorial support assistance; online web-chat support via Skype.
  • Computer and technology support.
  • Referral to external support services.

In the case that a student fails to meet course requirements, the relevant handling procedures for Students at Risk are outlined within the ‘Aventia Student Handbook’.

Welfare Services

Welfare services are comprised of procedures which address the psychological, physical, social and spiritual welfare of our students. Through direct provision or referral, such services may include information/advice regarding; Accommodation, Counselling, Crisis Response Services, Disabilities & Equity Issues, Financial Aid, Legal Matters, Medical Complications, Mental Health, Peer Mentoring, Social Programs i.e. Volunteering & Community Service, Religious and Spiritual Matters, and Stress-management. 

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